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“I am a small business owner and I have been going to Paula on a weekly basis over the last 18 months for a body maintenance program to relieve muscular tension associated with being on my feet all day. Paula is an excellent practitioner who understands my needs depending on the symptoms on the day. She is able to adapt with various treatments and alighment techniques to get my body back on track. I highly recommend Paula as a practitioner.”


“I have been a regular client of Paula’s for a number of years, experiencing all her treatments over this time.  Paula is always friendly, professional, helpful & understanding.  She takes the time to listen and offer treatment suggestions that would work best for me on the day.  I found a huge benefit in going for regular treatments and particularly enjoyed Paula’s awesome relaxation massage and reflexology sessions, so much so that I fell asleep more often than not!  I also highly recommend her hot stone massage.”


“Dear Paula, Thank you very much for introducing me to the wonderful world of relaxation massage. I have not felt so good in a long time. You have an amazing talent. Your caring attitude and approach to people is so professional. Thank you so much, I cannot wait until my next appointment with you!”


“I came to Paula after hearing a few years previously how Bowen therapy can reset the body after accidents. A rare event happened where I had a severe neck impact injury and I needed to get back to work smartly as I’m self-employed.

My experience was interesting, and yet quite profound. Bowen therapy is gentle, as it works on the more subtle nervous system areas of your body, yet I could definitely feel both physical and emotional shifts even in the first session.

My neck improved hugely and after the third session I felt back to 100% potency.

I am a highly skilled massage practitioner so I acknowledge the need to be at the top of my game, for myself and my clients. Bowen therapy definitely fast-paced that progress! Thank you for your healing touch Paula.”


“I have known Paula for some years now. Her massages were very beneficial to me both physically and emotionally. When you get a great massage from someone who is connecting with you on all levels – the body knows and responds.”


“I had a positive and relaxing Bodhypnosis treatment. This experience is difficult to compare to any other bodywork, one that is truly unique.  During this session I had a deep body awareness and experienced a calm floating feeling. Paula was easy to trust and had a calm approach which enabled me to feel safe. There are no oils used and you are fully dressed so it was nice not to feel greasy afterward.

Bodhypnosis is a deeper inner calm experience and I would definitely recommend giving it a go.”


“At my first  treatment I was impressed with Paula’s professionalism and her ability to make me feel at ease.  I  have become a regular client who not only enjoys the benefit of beautiful relaxing massages, but our lovely friendship.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paula's services to others.”


“Bodhypnosis feels amazing! I would highly recommend this to anybody for an instantly, deeply relaxing treatment. Paula has magic hands.”


“I can ABSOLUTELY recommend a Bodhypnosis!!!!

Very relaxed ——- zonked ——— wowed !!!!!! Thank you Paula, you’re brilliant.”


“I was seeing Paula for a number of years for massage, Bowen therapy, and holistic pulsing. I would highly recommend Paula, she has such a kind gentle nature, and a knack to making people feel relaxed and at ease.

I have not managed to find anyone with the magic touch that Paula has since she left Wellington.”


“I experienced one of Paula’s hot stone massages and I have to honestly say, it was the best massage I have ever received. The stones were hot (unlike some other places), Paula knew exactly how to work with them and the experience was amazing.

My muscles felt like liquid and my whole body totally relaxed. It was so amazing that I treated my sister, who lives overseas, to one.

I am very sad that Paula has moved away from Wellington, because I don’t believe I will find a better hot stone therapist here.”


“On 23rd December 2005 I was diagnosed with severe stress. The doctor strongly recommended I take a minimum of 6 weeks off work and that I accept a prescription for antidepressants. I asked for him to put these recommendations on hold until after Christmas.

 I made my first appointment for relaxation massage on 11th January and saw Paula for a weekly massage for a number of weeks.

The difference to how I am feeling today and how I was feeling in December is incredible. I have energy, enthusiasm and passion. I didn’t need any time off work and have taken no medicines.

Paula’s gentleness and caring nature shine through in her work. She is professional in her appearance and has a very strong work ethic. I have recommended many clients to Paula as I am a firm believer in her natural healthcare, owing my successful return to health and happiness to her.”


"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."

- William Arthur Ward