Simple Home Made Skin Rejuvenators

Making your own chemical free body/bath products is not only cost effective, it’s also a lot of FUN and very rewarding! I’d like to share some simple home made skin rejuvenators that you can whip up in no time, either for yourself or as fantastic for gifts for your friends and family – they will be so impressed!

These recipes come courtesy of Donna at Cottage Hill Herbs near Wellington, NZ.

Simple Avocado Exfoliant Scrub

Body scrubs are fantastic for exfoliating dead skin cells and smoothing rough, dried skin. Use once or twice a week (in the shower is easiest). Just scoop out and rub on your skin in a circular motion then rinse off.

Use after washing and before moisturising. This scrub will leave your skin smooth, fresh, healthy and glowing!

This is a healing, rejuvenating and regenerating scrub; a powerful combination in a very simple recipe.

250gm raw sugar 250ml avocado oil 2 tsp aloe vera gel 6 drops pure essential oil of Mandarin

  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Once mixed place in a suitable container.

  • Scoop scrub into hands and gently scrub areas required.

  • Leave 5 minutes, as it works like a mask and tightens on the skin.

  • Rinse away with warm water – leaving skin soft and smooth.

Coffee Sugar Scrub

The Jojoba in this recipe helps balance out your skin’s natural oils. This is a great scrub to wake you up in the morning and suits men and women.

½ cup raw sugar ½ cup white sugar 2 tablespoons freshly ground coffee 1 teaspoon vegetable glycerine 1.5 – 2.5 tablespoons Jojoba oil 10 – 12 drops roasted coffee pure essential oil

  • Combine in a bowl the sugar and coffee, mixing well.

  • Add vegetable glycerine and part of the Jojoba oil, combining slowly, adding a little at a time.

  • Ensure the mixture doesn’t become too wet.

  • Save a little oil to add the essential oil into and lastly combine all.

  • The quantity of Jojoba oil used may vary – it is important that the mixture does not sit in oil, or that it floats on top of the granules. Use just enough Jojoba to ensure the granules hold well together.

Tropical Coconut Bath Milk

Alpha-hydroxy acids contained in goat milk are believed to have rejuvenating effects on skin cells. The acids penetrate the top layers of the skin helping exfoliate old skin cells (sloughing off).

Exfoliation stimulates the skin and healthy cells are regenerated. The skin becomes smoother and softer with lessening of fine wrinkles and skin discoloration.

The rich butterfat of the goat milk and the nourishing and softening properties of the coconut cream and milk cream give your skin a deeply moisturising and rejuvenating treatment.

1 cup goat’s milk powder 1 cup coconut cream powder ½ cup full cream milk powder 20 drops tropical coconut fragrant oil

  • Combine all dried ingredients and mix well.

  • Take 2 tablespoons of dried mixture, place in a separate bowl.

  • Add tropical coconut fragrant oil and mix in thoroughly with back of spoon.

  • Add this back to main mixture.

  • Bottle in a lovely glass bottle.

Chocolate Bath Milk

A delicious combination of the nourishing and moisturising goodness of goat’s milk and coconut, with the yumminess of cinnamon and chocolate!

1 cup goat’s milk powder ½ cup coconut cream powder ¹/8 cup cocoa powder ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder 12 drops chocolate fragrant oil

  • Combine all dried ingredients by stirring well in a bowl.

  • Take out 2 tablespoons powdered mix and add chocolate flavour or oil to this powder and press well with the back of a spoon so the oil is correctly combined.

  • Add this back into main mixture.

  • Bottle in attractive glass container.

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