My Journey into Bowen Therapy

As I create this new bodywork website I've been going down memory lane thinking about my journey into holistic therapies and the now 17 years I've been helping people out of pain and stress.

Learning Bowen was actually something I completely fell into. Bowen therapy was the first modality I learnt that had any form of official qualification with it. I had been attuned to Reiki years before but wasn't actively doing anything with it.

Unlike many Bowen therapists who have come to be practitioners through personal healing from Bowen, I was actually looking in the paper for a new office job at the time and stumbled across the advertisement for the Bowen Diploma training course.

I was curious, and basically signed up to learn something new and be around like-minded people! Little did I know that saying YES back in 2003 to something completely out of my COMFORT ZONE and area of expertise, would lead me down a new fulfilling path of helping hundreds of people out of pain!

To say this journey has been (and still is) hugely rewarding is an understatement. The wonderful clients I have, the amazing other therapists I've met, the places I've travelled for training, have made my world such a richer place.

Considering I was ready to run for the hills after my first weekend training back in 2003 because it was 'TOO HARD'! I'm so glad I stuck at it and continued...I wouldn't have met you otherwise.

So, if there's something that's calling you, no matter how random a fit for your current life it may seem, if it feels right in your heart - JUST SAY YES AND JUMP IN WITH BOTH FEET - you never know where that magical path will take you!

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